Frozen Dawn – The Decline Of The Enlightened Gods – CDD

Band: Frozen Dawn

Label: Transcending Obscurity

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: TOR158


For a decade and a half, Frozen Dawn have been perfecting their sound which can be described as stirring, intense and scathing black metal tempered with melody and soaring leads. The members have used their experience in notable bands to create something that not only pays earnest tribute to the classic bands such as Dissection, Necrophobic, Sacramentum and Naglfar but also sounds contemporary in terms of structure and execution. They’ve bolstered the sound with death metal influences and even added slight thrash touches, ensuring that the music remains powerful, incisive and compelling.

The momentum remains unabated as the band pummels its way through nine elaborate tracks and a fitting cover of Necrophobic. Many bands have attempted to recreate this sound with varying degrees of success but clearly Frozen Dawn have excelled at it which is mainly due to their knack for meticulous songwriting that straddles heaviness with emotion, allowing them to enhance the expression and maintain the much-needed diversity for the style. This album is easily Frozen Dawn’s best one yet and is head and shoulders above the rest of them where this kind of music goes in recent memory.

1. Mystic Fires of Dark Allegiance 05:56
2. Spellbound 04:36
3. Black Reign Awaits 03:57
4. Frozen Kings 03:59
5. Wanderer of Times 05:27
6. Oath of Forgotten Past 05:57
7. Cosmic Black Chaos 06:42
8. The Decline of the Enlightened Gods 07:04
9. The Fall of Aeons 02:35
10. Blinded By Light, Enlightened By Darkness 04:04

GENRE: Black Metal
BARCODE: 0612789663910