Gatekeepers, The – The Gatekeepers – CD

Band: Gatekeepers, The

Label: Think Like A Key Music

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: TLAK1136


The Gatekeepers is a part-musical, part-concept album about an artist trying to get their work out in the world but facing a series of sardonic, disinterested gatekeepers. A 15-song cycle exploring the creative process from beginning to end, including the cynical aspects of marketing art to the public and the toughness of deciding your own artistic fate.

With a sophisticated blend of progressive, left-field rock, jazz, folk, and an authentic lo-fi spirit, the Gatekeepers creates a captivating musical contrast. Occasionally hypnotic, sometimes turbulent, the eclectic mix is reminiscent of The Lamb Lies Down Broadway, Kurt Vile, Of Montreal, and the Canterbury sound with a nod to Zappa.

1. Butterflies (Feat. Elaine Di Falco)
2. I Like the Strange Things (Feat. Renaldo M)
3. A Promising Direction (Feat. Molly Harvey)
4. Who Are the Gatekeepers? (Feat. Cheer-Accident)
5. The Professional (Feat. Shawn Phillips)
6. Ignorance
7. The Patron (Feat. the Residents)
8. Anonymity
9. The Pundit (Feat. Deborah Perry)
10. I Think I Like the Strange Things? (Feat. Renaldo M & Elaine Di Falco)
11. Obscurity
12. The Algorithm (Feat. Amy Denio)
13. A Compromising Direction (Feat. Bob Drake)
14. All the Way to the Bank (Feat. R. Stevie Moore)
15. I Like the Normal Things
16. All the Way to the Bank (Remix)
17. The Professional (Seen It All Mix)
18. Tight Armhole (The Algorithm Remix)
19. The Patron (Cattle Baron Mix)

GENRE: Rock/Prog
BARCODE: 782706673589