Shiva The Destructor – Find The Others – CD

Band: Shiva The Destructor

Label: Robustfellow Prods

Format: CD


Shiva the Destructor is finally releasing their long-expected first full-length album — “Find the Others”. This release was preceded by their debut EP titled “Supreme Light”, which went public in fall 2015 and was quite warmly received by the audience.
Band members get inspired by layers of rock culture of the last decades, make their own points and deliver their take on the quintessence of psychedelic rock — extended instrumental pieces, eclecticism of composition, vocal harmonies and band’s experiments with the electric organ, brass and oriental instruments. Their unique sonic armament is guitars with distinctly different tunings (one detuned
and one uptuned), which makes the mix more generous and diverse.
In this album’s songs, Shiva travels around through worlds, space and time. Finally, he comes down to our earth somewhere in the ’60s, wears worn-out jeans and rocks out at Woodstock. Then he chills on the beach to the sounds of surf rock, falls in love, roams the untouched forests, lapses into selfreflexive battles and comes to terms with himself at the outskirts of the universe. Shiva has fun, suffers, seeks and changes — like we all do.
When a lawyer, a programmer, a guitar expert and a psychologist gather in one place, nobody knows what is going to happen — it makes the whole thing more interesting and dynamic.

1. Benares
2. Hydronaut
3. Summer of Love
4. Ishtar
5. Nirvana Beach

GENRE: Psychedelic Stoner Rock
BARCODE: 2092020082164