Gatekeepers, The – The Gatekeepers – Vinyl

Band: Gatekeepers, The

Label: Think Like A Key Music

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: TLAK1136LP


The Gatekeepers is a part-musical, part-concept album about an artist trying to get their work out in the world but facing a series of sardonic, disinterested gatekeepers. A 15-song cycle exploring the creative process from beginning to end, including the cynical aspects of marketing art to the public and the toughness of deciding your own artistic fate. 

With a sophisticated blend of progressive, left-field rock, jazz, folk, and an authentic lo-fi spirit, the Gatekeepers creates a captivating musical contrast. Occasionally hypnotic, sometimes turbulent, the eclectic mix is reminiscent of The Lamb Lies Down Broadway, Kurt Vile, Of Montreal, and the Canterbury sound with a nod to Zappa.

Side A:
Butterflies (Feat. Elaine Di Falco)
I Like the Strange Things (Feat. Renaldo M)
A Promising Direction (Feat. Molly Harvey)
Who Are the Gatekeepers? (Feat. Cheer-Accident)
The Professional (Feat. Shawn Phillips)
The Patron (Feat. the Residents)
Side B:
The Pundit (Feat. Deborah Perry)
I Think I Like the Strange Things? (Feat. Renaldo M & Elaine Di Falco)
The Algorithm (Feat. Amy Denio)
A Compromising Direction (Feat. Bob Drake)
All the Way to the Bank (Feat. R. Stevie Moore)
I Like the Normal Things

GENRE: Rock/Prog
BARCODE: 782706673572