Usurpator – Spear Of Psychosis – Vinyl

Band: Usurpator

Label: Dead Seed Productions

Format: LP


Usurpator is a one-man extreme metal entity by the Austrian multi-instrumentalist N.V., that saw the light of day in autumn 2018 with the release of the 3-track demo EP Beheading Pathos. The demo already showed that Usurpator is not just a band that can be easily categorized, which can be explained by the simple fact that this was never the goal of Usurpator.
Now the release of Usurpator’s debut LP Spear of Psychosis is imminent, and while many other bands have a clear focus on limiting their music to certain influences and playing a particular style, one thing stays very clear: Usurpator’s music is to be understood as an auditory embodiment of thoughts and feelings, an evocative journey of uncanny, droning black metal that is shaped by a multitude of musical and personal influences, but not limiting itself in a given frame.
Sometimes dragging and atmospheric, sometimes fast and chaotic, but always discomforting in the best way possible – guided and inspired by the depth of his own mind, Usurpator represents a sonic portal into the psyche of the artist which is also reflected by the lyrics. Inspired by Greek mythology and nihilism, the lyrics metaphorically deal with social and philosophical issues related to the understanding of one’s own existence. Driven by the rational realization that time and the given opportunities to fulfill oneself are always limited, social structures and conventions are questioned and martially dismantled – “Rip off the head of Chronos neck”.

1. Black Wings Beating
2. Θεoφάγος
3. Lurid Light
4. Parasitic Vandalism
5. Beheading Chronos
Over 45 mins

GENRE: Black Metal
Barcode: 034966655677