Godwatt – Vol Iii – Vinyl

Band: Godwatt

Label: Time To Kill Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: TTK072LP


Godwatt Redemption was started by guitarist / singer Moris Fosco and bassist Mauro Passeri in 2006. In 2013 the band decided to switch to their mother tongue and to shorten their moniker, now
becoming Godwatt. In 2015 the self-produced “Senza Redenzione” album fully displayed the act’s
new stylistic direction, which led to Godwatt signing to the Italian label Jolly Roger Records for the
release of the albums “L’Ultimo Sole” and “Necropolis”.

Very positive reviews and packed live shows allowed the band to make a great impression in the local
scene. Shortly after, the band said goodbye to Andrea Vozza, welcoming new drummer Jacopo
Granieri into the fold. During the pandemic, the new Godwatt line-up composed and recorded a new
album that will see the light in 2022.

The third official album ‘’VOL.III” best represents the current direction of the band, musically tied to
70’s Sabbath Hard Rock (Ozzy era) and 90s and recent 2000s Heavy Rock by referring to bands such
as Cathedral, Spiritual Beggars and Witchcraft, with Stoner/Doom streaks. An original Italian singing
arises from all this musical melting pot, which manages to blend seamlessly with the obscure
atmosphere created by dark and negative lyrics whose main theme is death and reoccurring flashbacks
that refer to first-hand experienced emotions and miserable true events.

Side A
01. Signora Morte
02. Sepolta
03. Croce
04. Delirio
Side B
05. Oscura
06. Non Ritornerai
07. Lamenti

GENRE: Heavy Doom Stoner
BARCODE: 667619607213