Gravety – Bow Down – CD

Band: Gravety

Label: Metal On Metal Records

Format: CD


After many years of silence, the German bearers of steel GRAVETY arise again, now fully fledged as a pure epic heavy metal group. Chosen by Cryptor to tell his tales through their songs, they’ll lure you into the world of sword and sorcery and high fantasy adventures. The man behind the mic may not have the widest range, but he compensates for it with a lot of character and a great vocal timbre that fits their epic arrangements like a glove. And they do have an ear for song composition like few others. Don’t expect any flashy solos, but instead impeccable dual guitar harmonies, creative chord progressions, driving riffs, tight rhythm section with pounding drums and catchy choruses you’ll be singing in no time. If you can’t get enough of epic metal in the vein of VISIGOTH, GATEKEEPER, TERMINUS, ETERNAL CHAMPION, ATLANTEAN KODEX, WARLORD, DOOMSWORD, GRAND MAGUS, BATTLEROAR or MANOWAR, the second album of these Germans is for you. The undead quintet is determined to Carry On the Flame of Heavy Metal.

1. Feat of Valour
2. Bow Down
3. Tower of Ghenjei
4. Unleash the Flame
5. Braveness Beyond Fear
6. Red Mountain
7. Tales from the Fallen
8. Carry On the Flame
Total running time: 41:53

GENRE: Metal/Epic Heavy Metal
BARCODE: 8022167091006