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    Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus - Sword Of Fierbois - CD

    Albert Bell’s Sacro Sanctus – Sword Of Fierbois – CD

    Malta’s merciless metal riff machine Albert Bell returns with his fourth solo album under the now well-established helm of SACRO SANCTUS. It sees Albert burrowing through the chronicles of the European Middle Ages once more, charting how diverse seminal historical personages secured victory against seemingly insurmountable odds with the assistance of the ...
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    Arkham Witch - Swords Against Death - CD

    Arkham Witch – Swords Against Death – CD

    The long awaited fourth full-length of ARKHAM WITCH is finally here! Gone is the lighthearted spirit with short and more melodic punky songs from their last studio album – we’re welcoming back the more no-frills heavy metal deeply rooted in NWOBHM that we know from their first two albums, though with a ...
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    Gravety - Bow Down - CD

    Gravety – Bow Down – CD

    After many years of silence, the German bearers of steel GRAVETY arise again, now fully fledged as a pure epic heavy metal group. Chosen by Cryptor to tell his tales through their songs, they’ll lure you into the world of sword and sorcery and high fantasy adventures. The man behind the mic ...
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    Hellspike - Dynasties Of Decay - CD

    Hellspike – Dynasties Of Decay – CD

    Only a year after their debut, the three Portuguese veterans return with the sophomore effort. Their uncompromised music, free from market impositions, will take you straight to the metal bravery of the past. HELLSPIKE’s melodic approach dives deep into the NWOBHM sound, merging it with the direct relentless approach of the German ...
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    Home Style Surgery - Brain Drill Poetry - CD

    Home Style Surgery – Brain Drill Poetry – CD

    In a world filled with copy-and-paste thrash metal, HOME STYLE SURGERY deliver a fresh yet old school take on a genre that rarely offers any surprises these days. Riffs and speed are the name of the game in this technical journey from one twisted mind to another. On their second studio album, ...
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    In Aevum Agere - Emperor Of Hell - Canto Xxxiv - CD

    In Aevum Agere – Emperor Of Hell – Canto Xxxiv – CD

    Two and a half years after their last album, IN AEVUM AGERE’s third full-length sees the light of day. “Emperor of Hell – Canto XXXIV”, like its predecessor, is inspired by and lyrically based on Dante’s “Divina Commedia”, not surprisingly again the “Inferno” part of this opus, which offers a wealth of ...
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    Kommand - Stubborn Arsenal - CD

    Kommand – Stubborn Arsenal – CD

    The purveyors of crude and ugly black thrash are back with their third attack, even faster and more violent than the last time around. Vulgar and mean, KÖMMAND come with their “Stubborn Arsenal” and proudly brandish the standards of old. Bulldozing and smashing the uninitiated with their merciless riffcraft and analogue warheads, ...
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    Nigromante - Summon The Devil - CD

    Nigromante – Summon The Devil – CD

    NIGROMANTE are one of the first if not THE first band in Spain representing what some people call NWOTHM, but despite being formed in 2003, until now their discography consisted only of 3 demos and one full-length. After a long hiatus, they’re back though, ready to deliver more of what they self-describe ...
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