Heartbreaker – Heartbreaker – CD

Band: Heartbreaker

Label: Dyamond Roxx

Format: CD


Heartbreaker was formed in 1973 by Steve Annetts (who later joined NWOBHM band After Dark), Ian Foster, Dave Sexton, Roger Lewis, Keith Scutter and Andy Hill on keyboards. The band seemed to be on the right track when Johnny Glover (ex-Free/Spooky Tooth manager) and Richard Griffiths (Island/Sony Music/Virgin/etc.) picked them up and a deal with EMI was secured. After 1976 there were a few line up changes (Tiff Turtle & Rob Snook on guitars). Glover was gone by 76 and Ian Gillan steps in recording several tracks in his studio with guest appearances on a few tracks of Colin Towns (Gillan’s Keyboard player) and Mr. Gillan himself. This partnership with Gillan marks the epitome of the band but a record deal didn’t materialise: times were changing, all major labels in the UK were after Punk bands) and the band demotivated and vanished for lack of support. For the first time ever, the Heartbreaker album sees the light of day, including some earlier 1974 recordings as bonus.

1. Angel in rags
2. Berlin Berlin
3. Gamblin Man
4. Heartbreaker
5. Kingsway Reprise
6. Loser
7. Losing Touch
8. Mister Moonlight
9. On the road
10. Out on my own
11. Quiet lady
12. Sailor of the world
13. Simple man
14. The rain song

GENRE: Hard Rock/Blues Rock
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