Heleven – Into The Oceans – CD

Band: Heleven

Label: Art Gates Records

Format: CD


Heleven was formed back in september of 2016 with the goal of creating limitless music, composing songs with the ability to take you straight to your inner self, evoking all kind of feelings to the listener, no matter the genre. These spaniards proved they are here to stay with their debut album “Medusa’s Love Story” , released back in 2019, an album that conquered the media and the followers of the genre, becoming a name to be reckoned within the local and international scene. With their upcoming album Heleven has gone way darker and punchier, breaking the horizons and giving the listener a whole new side of their sound. Their upcoming album “Into the Oceans” will be worldwide released on March 12th via Art Gates Records.

Escape Room
Into The Oceans
Lesson Learned
The Wings I Need To Fly
Promise Land
Rise Again
The Hurricane

GENRE: Metal/Rock
BARCODE: 8445162312622