Hellspike – Dynasties Of Decay – CD

Band: Hellspike

Label: Metal On Metal Records

Format: CD


Only a year after their debut, the three Portuguese veterans return with the sophomore effort. Their uncompromised music, free from market impositions, will take you straight to the metal bravery of the past. HELLSPIKE’s melodic approach dives deep into the NWOBHM sound, merging it with the direct relentless approach of the German speed and thrash bands from mid ’80s like IRON ANGEL, SODOM, ANGEL DUST, MINOTAUR, VIOLENT FORCE, NECRONOMICON, WARRANT (Ger.), LIVING DEATH, DESTRUCTION and heavy metal bands like early RUNNING WILD and GRAVE DIGGER or JUDAS PRIEST and M.A.R.S. The songs are full of melody, expressive guitar harmonies, inspired solos and choruses that will easily stay in your head. The whole album exudes a pleasantly nostalgic flair with its rather vintage and organic feel. In an age in which the world slowly disintegrates before our eyes, HELLSPIKE write the chronicle of the coming end of our days. Delivering old school metal both furious and classic, they watch the struggle of a failing society. The fall of empires has not ended.

1. Dynasties of Decay
2. They Live
3. Gone to Waste
4. Hegemony Defied
5. Divide to Rule
6. On Through the Times
7. Ruthless Invasion
8. Lost Reality
Total running time: 45:19

GENRE: Metal/Speed/Thrash Metal
BARCODE: 8022167090986