Herida Profunda/Hello Bastards – Herida Profunda/Hello Bastards – Vinyl


Band: Herida Profunda/Hello Bastards

Label: 783punx

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: LHC006US


It’s no secret that grindcore and powerviolence are one of the most formidable powers in the hardcore scene. Over the last years, we’ve watched hundreds of bands emerge, but only few engaged, political punk fueled groups grow exponentially. London’s HELLO BASTARDS and their younger kindred spirits in crust grindcore hybrid HERIDA PROFUNDA are certainly good examples of dedicated activists with a desire to make punk political again. 

They have joined their forces for a killer new split record with the goal for raise awareness
with the following statement: Offering asylum to those in need of refuge or better living conditions away from war, violence, persecution & economic slavery is a basic human right that must be respected and supported! Stop War and Fascism, not people!
Refugees ALWAYS welcome.

A1 Herida Profunda – Refugees Welcome
A2 Herida Profunda – Need To Grind
A3 Herida Profunda – Grind You In The Back
B1 Hello Bastards – Intro Hanyaterra
B2 Hello Bastards – The Sweatshop System
B3 Hello Bastards – Making Hardcore, Punk Again
B4 Hello Bastards – Productive Criticism
B5 Hello Bastards – Zapatistas
B6 Hello Bastards – Equality

GENRE: Grindcore/Crust Punk
BARCODE: 5070000422756

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