Human Cull – To Weep For Unconquered Worlds Worlds – Vinyl


Band: Human Cull

Label: 783punx

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: LHC026
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UK Grindcore Maniacs HUMAN CULL announce the release of their 3rd full length album “To Weep For Unconquered Worlds” finally on vinyl via 783 Punx. HUMAN CULL return with their 3rd album, taking the blistering grind into a heavier, more deathly direction. Still defiantly blasting but with an added suffocating atmosphere; „To Weep For Unconquered Worlds “takes the band into a different dimension but still with the same burning rage.

A1 To Weep For Unconquered Worlds
A2 Before
A3 Tombs Of Woe
A4 Instinct Enthroned
A5 Subject To Predation
A6 Axe Of Flint
A7 Familicide
A8 Between The Eyes
A9 Pyre Dancer
A10 Perfect Hatred
B1 Time Of Ending
B2 Confession Archive
B3 Siegelord
B4 Habeus Corpus
B5 Oil Of Vitriol
B6 The Horror
B7 Litanies Of The Forsaken
B8 Unmaker
B9 Sworn To Chaos
B10 Old Night

GENRE: Grindcore/Crust Punk
BARCODE: 5070000422763

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