Impaled Divinity – Feculent Mutation – Limited Vinyl


Band: Impaled Divinity

Label: Vacation House Recordings

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: VHR1014BL


Slamming brutal death metal! IMPALED DIVINITY came out from Unionville, Tennessee USA
Gritty, raw and cacophonous: this is such heavy riffing, vocals, drumming just perfect incarnation of old slam metal. Fukin’ dope guitar riffs attack, excellent blast beats on drums and monstrous gutturals. Epic album.

This release is packed with 14 tracks of pure gore-soaked mayhem (8 songs from ‘Feculent Mutation’ and 6 songs from ‘Delimbing The Extirpated’) YES, a Killer! This is really a superb badass gritty LP!
Musically, Zack Plunkett is bringing us brutal slamming sickness. Brutalidade máxima! Artwork by Hand Rot Art For fans of Abominable Putridity, Malodorous, Guttural Slug, Putrid Pile, Torsofuck, Heinous Killings and No One Gets Out Alive. This mighty album is composed of chainsaw-chugging guitars, machine gun drum tracks and phlegmy, belching vocals. contains 14 tracks of nasty brutality sickness, digging the vocals, gnarly as fuck. perfect music to listen to while relaxing in your own personal putrid morgue hidden in the basement of your home.

You would never use the type of saw on the cover for the job of bone sawing through, it’s just not strong enough and would most likely eventually break. Unlike said saw, the music here is strong. Unlike the bodies in your own personal morgue these jams are fresh and not stale in brutality. Throw on those surgical scrubs and relax to these tunes. A finest top quality solid black LP available on limited edition by VHR! c’mon. save your copy now.

*** Limited edition Solid Black Vinyl 140gr. (100 units worldwide)
inside a glossy laminated sleeve with an insert with lyrics/pictures & black poly-lined inner bagses

Track Listing:
side A Feculent Mutation
1 Intro
2 Verdict of Suicidal Compulsion
3 Vessel of Infinite Torture
4 Wasteland of Cadavers
5 Scatological Voracity
6 Feculent Mutation
7 Irreparable Penile Mutilation
8 Wielding Prevarication
side B Delimbing the Extirpated
1 Draped in Slabs of Mephitic Tissue
2 Festering Mass of Decomposing Corpses
3 Dismembering Purulent Remains
4 Sadistic Infliction From Impulsive Manifestations
5 Hoarding Your Indistinguishable Remnants
6 Pulverized Fetal Fragments

GENRE: Slamming Brutal Death Metal
BARCODE: 0642613468497
RELEASE DATE: 12/04/2024

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