Infernal Hate – The Order Of The Black Kestrel – CD

Band: Infernal Hate

Label: Art Gates Records

Format: CD


This power trio was formed back in 2000 in the Canary Islands (Spain). Their music is defined as Volcanic “Death Metal”, combining burning hot speed with edge cutting riffs and grountings from hell. The band takes no prisoners while executing a perfectly defined extreme music that can be compared to the big names of the genre. After releasing 3 full length albums of studio and touring with big names such as Suffocation and Incantation, these spaniards are ready to take the world by storm with their smashing and definitive new album via Art Gates Records in January 14th 2022.

1. Aprositus
2. Black Crows
3. Ex Nihilo
4. Lies Against Humanity 5. Vulcanoapocalypsis
6. Hidden Knife
7. I Am Sovereign
8. Empirical Knowledge

BARCODE: 8445162546294