Jerry Reed – The Rockin’ U.S. Male – Vinyl + CD

Band: Jerry Reed

Label: Bear Family

Format: Vinyl + CD



1‐LP (10inch vinyl), 45 RPM, w/ bonus CD, 8‐page booklet, postcard. 12 tracks (LP), 25 tracks
(CD). Total playing time approx. 28 min. (LP), 70 min. (CD).

* Jerry Reed became known to a European audience as a film actor through the ’Smokey and the Bandit’ movies.
* Bear Family Records® presents the songwriter, singer, and accomplished guitarist who began his career with Capitol in 1955 and has also worked for NRC, Columbia, and RCA on a luxurious 10inch LP.
* The vinyl album features his great rockers, covered by Elvis Presley and Gene Vincent, among others, and ‐ especially on the bonus CD ‐ a number of obscure yet terrific recordings.
* In the eight‐page booklet, author Roland Heinrich Rumtreiber provides exciting background information.
* Limited edition pressed on high‐quality vinyl.

Jerry Reed was multitalented and highly original. He is still remembered for his charming role as Cledus Snow in the ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ movies with his buddy Burt Reynolds. However, others still cherish Reed as the outstanding songwriter and innovative guitar picker he also was. If you don’t know Jerry Reed, you definitely will have heard his songs: Guitar Man and U.S. Male be Elvis Presley, Crazy Legs by Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps, Lord Mr. Ford by Matchbox, That’s All You Got to Do by Brenda Lee, When I Found You by Big Sandy and his Fly‐Right‐Boys, and – last but not least – his outstanding East Bound and Down from the first Smokey movie.

Jerry Reed Hubbard was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 20, 1937. He started his outstanding entertainment career with the help of legendary producer Bill Lowery who secured him a three‐year deal with Capitol in 1955. On ‘The Rockin’ U.S. Male’ several of Reed’s up‐tempo favorites are gathered for the first time. The time‐spanning compilation presents Reed favorites as U.S. Male, When I Found
You, and You Make It, They Take It with rarer stuff like Twist‐a‐Roo and the anachronistic
exotica classic Rockin’ in Bagdad.

For the first time – and for the first time on vinyl – Reed’s rockin’ ravers from Capitol, NRC,
Columbia, and RCA are presented on a combination platter. It’s hot – and it will go fast!
As a special treat, Bear Family Records® dishes in an extra CD with all vinyl tracks,
augmented by thirteen extra smokey Reed speeders – amongst them Jerry Reed’s
collaboration with Ric Cartey and his dreadnought picking for The Rockateers.

01 When I Found You
02 Guitar Man
03 You Make It, They Take It
04 Bessie Baby
05 Heart Appeal
06 Twist‐A‐Roo
07 I’ve Had Enough
08 U.S. Male
09 Hit And Run
10 Have Blues, Will Travel
11 Rockin’ In Bagdad
12 In My Own Backyard

01 When I Found You ‐ Jerry Reed
02 Guitar Man ‐ Jerry Reed
03 You Make It, They Take It ‐ Jerry Reed
04 Bessie Baby ‐ Jerry Reed
05 Heart Appeal ‐ Jerry Reed
06 Twist‐A‐Roo ‐ Jerry Reed
07 I’ve Had Enough ‐ Jerry Reed
08 U.S. Male ‐ Jerry Reed
09 Hit And Run ‐ Jerry Reed
10 Have Blues, Will Travel ‐ Jerry Reed
11 Rockin’ In Bagdad ‐ Jerry Reed
12 In My Own Backyard ‐ Jerry Reed
13 Oh! Lonely Heart ‐ Jerry Reed
14 This Great Big Empty Room ‐ Jerry Reed
15 Little Lovin’ Liza ‐ Jerry Reed
16 Teardrop Street ‐ Jerry Reed
17 Your Money Makes You Purty ‐ Jerry Reed
18 Pity The Fool ‐ Jerry Reed
19 I Can’t Find The Words ‐ Jerry Reed
20 Hully Gully Guitar ‐ Jerry Reed
21 This Can’t be Happening To Me ‐ Jerry Reed
22 Rock Bottom ‐part I ‐ The Rockateers
23 Rock Bottom ‐part II ‐ The Rockateers
24 Heart Throb ‐ Ric Cartey
25 I Wancha To Know ‐ Ric Cartey

GENRE: Rock N Roll
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