John The Baptist – John The Baptist – CD

Band: John The Baptist

Label: Nine Records

Format: CD


Music of John the Baptist is slow and heavy like the rumblings of the earth. Their message is grand and grim. Here presented are six tracks each an epic of a song in itself. They are sad tales ranging from primordial floods to the devastation looming in the future. Tales of the templar knights, mischievous shamans and self-discovery through crushing depression into a warrior out of time. You know, all the good stuff. Devoid of all the trends, of retro pastiches and lukewarm empowerment. Heavy Metal as it was, is and ever should be. In fear and spite of the Lord of this world.

1. Deluge
2. Glimpse of Valor
3. Hell Metal
4. Burn In Hell
5. Odds of Redemption
6. John The Baptist

GENRE: Doom Metal
BARCODE: 5903263618188