Johnny Kidd & The Pirates – Please, Don’t Touch! – Vinyl & CD

Band: Johnny Kidd & The Pirates

Label: Bear Family Records

Format: Vinyl + CD


1‐LP 10inch vinyl with 12‐page booklet, 12 tracks (LP), 33 tracks (CD). Total playing time approx. 28 min. (LP), 77 min. (CD).

*The newest hit in Bear Family Records®’s 10inch vinyl series ‐ Brit Rocker Johnny Kidd.
*The album and the bonus CD contain Johnny Kidd’s recordings from 1959 to 1962 with a focus on his earliest work with the first Pirates group, recordings made with the classic ‘Mark 2’ Pirates Brian Gregg, Alan Caddy and drum legend Clem Cattini!
*The bonus CD includes cover versions of his songs but only the ones which were done on the European continent and the U.K. plus recordings of other bands where members of the Pirates were involved!
*Along with Billy Fury, Tommy Steele and Cliff Richard, Kidd is one of the most
important and influential musicians of the pre‐Beatles era in the UK.
*His Shakin’ All Over is among the very greatest, worldwide popular rock anthems known to any music enthusiast and was covered by countless bands and artists in the 1960s!
*Bands like The Who and the Hollies refer to him and his backing band The Pirates as significant musical role models.
*The set includes, in addition to the record and CD, a Johnny Kidd promotional postcard.

Johnny Kidd and the Pirates were responsible for the 1960 number one hit, Shakin’ All Over, a performance that is still regarded as one of the seminal recordings in British pop music history. That disc alone would justify their inclusion in Bear Family Records®’s 10inch vinyl LP series but the group produced a string of excellent releases that unquestionably earn them a place alongside Cliff Richard, The Shadows and Billy Fury in the pantheon of pre‐Beatle British popsters. Unlike his contemporaries, Kidd’s exceptional voice showed no Presley influence and additionally he was responsible for writing or co‐writing much of his early work. As a live act, the group were trailblazers. Performing in front of a 20ft x 30ft uv galleon backdrop and dressed in full pirate regalia, Kidd’s power trios influenced musicians nationwide ‐ The Who, The Hollies and Wilko Johnson are but three of the artists who openly acknowledge their debt to the pirate‐in‐chief.

This compilation focuses on Kidd’s earliest work with the first Pirates group, recordings made with the classic ‘Mark 2’ Pirates Brian Gregg, Alan Caddy and drum legend Clem

GENRE: Rock’n’roll/Beat
BARCODE: 5397102140211

01 Feelin’
02 I Want That
03 Growl Johnny Kidd
04 Shakin’ All Over
05 Linda Lu
06 I Can Tell
01 So What
02 Hurry On Back To Love
03 Restless
04 Please Don’t Touch
05 Longin’ Lips
06 Please Don’t Bring Me Down

01 Feelin’ ‐ Johnny Kidd
02 I Want That ‐ Johnny Kidd
03 Growl ‐ Johnny Kidd
04 Shakin’ All Over ‐ Johnny Kidd
05 Linda Lu ‐ Johnny Kidd
06 I Can Tell ‐ Johnny Kidd
07 So What ‐ Johnny Kidd
08 Hurry On Back To Love ‐ Johnny Kidd
09 Restless ‐ Johnny Kidd
10 Please Don’t Touch ‐ Johnny Kidd
11 Longin’ Lips ‐ Johnny Kidd
12 Please Don’t Bring Me Down ‐ Johnny Kidd
13 Yes Sir, That’s My Baby ‐ Johnny Kidd
14 Magic Of Love ‐ Johnny Kidd
15 You Got What It Takes ‐ Johnny Kidd
16 Let’s Talk About Us ‐ Johnny Kidd
17 A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues ‐ Johnny Kidd
18 Big Blon’ Baby ‐ Johnny Kidd
19 Weep No More My Baby ‐ Johnny Kidd
20 If You Were The Only Girl ‐ Johnny Kidd
21 Brand New Cadillac ‐ Vince Taylor & His Playboys
22 In The Hall Of The Mountain King ‐ Nero & The Gladiators
23 Earthy ‐ The Tornados
24 Shakin’ All Over ‐ Bobby Stevens
25 Shakin’ All Over ‐ Vince Taylor & His Playboys
26 Shakin’ All Over ‐ Tommy Bruce & The Bruisers
27 Le Diable En Personne (Shakin’ All Over) ‐ Les Fantomes
28 Shakin’ All Over ‐ Tino Serlet & The Blacks
29 You Got What It Takes ‐ Little Tony & His Brothers
30 You Got What It Takes ‐ Richard Anthony
31 You Got What It Takes ‐ Little Gert & The Streaplers
32 Oui, Mon Cher (I Want That) ‐ Johnny Hallyday
33 Hurry On Back To Love ‐ Otto Brandenburg