Keady & Vallins – Keady & Vallins – Vinyl

Band: Keady & Vallins

Label: Lion Productions

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: OT001LIONLP202



Teeming with infectious hooks and delicate textures, “Keady & Vallins” stacks up favorably against now heralded titans of soft pop / yacht rock and pop disco‐lite, living in the intersection between Bobby Caldwell, Steely Dan, and Saturday Night Fever‐era Bee Gees. “Keady & Vallins” is an all-too-familiar story of potential left unfulfilled — glorious pop music shunted by the impetuous thrums of a music industry stricken by decadence and a preference for high turnover and rigorous proprietorship. A tour with the Bee Gees by Vallins and help from Robert Stigwood resulted in a deal with Polydor. After a pair
of singles produced by a young, upstart (now hugely important head of Universal Music Group) Lucien Grange achieved moderate success in France, an album was next: taped by Keady and Vallins during downtime from other sessions.

They pulled world class talent from the studio, from the pub down the street from the studio, while also
(temporarily) pilfering instruments from the shop below the studio (price tags still affixed) — to create a striking blend of sepia-toned soft pop / yacht rock and pop discolite. Born out of a quick friendship turned decades long songwriting partnership between Gary Keady and John Vallins, the full-length record was meant to be a mark of the duo’s growing promise as songwriters at Chappell — the publishing house’s self-proclaimed Australian facsimile of the American duo Hall & Oates (or maybe a two-person Bee Gees?). But that’s not what happened, is it.

Dormant since its completion in 1979, the “Keady & Vallins” album slots in perfectly amongst its contemporaries as a classic. To further cement its much-belated legacy, “Keady & Vallins” contains the original version of Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams’ smash #1 hit ‘Too Much, Too Little, Too Late’ (written by Vallins), and features a coterie of preeminent musicians, including Tommy Emmanuel (guitar) and John Altman (strings).

side A:
1. Tonight, Love is in Your Eyes
2. Christobel
3. Love Me Little, Love Me Long
4. Greatest Show on Earth
5. All the Lonely Nights*
side B:
1. Love Of My Life*
2. Last Taste
3. It’s Alright
4. Too Much Too Little Too Late
5. Something New
*Focus Tracks

GENRE: Yacht Rock/Pop
BARCODE: 778578320218
RELEASE DATE: 17/05/2024

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