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    Dominique Blanc-Francard - Ailleurs - Vinyl

    Dominique Blanc-Francard – Ailleurs – Vinyl

    Dominique Blanc-Francard’s “Ailleurs” is trippy and weird… and yet… the songs are catchy and the album rocks out. Fuzzy guitar, chunky drums, weird effects, a thick mix of layers of sound — all tasty ingredients. Pink Floyd meets T-Rex? It’s a terrific recipe, which surely must describe other albums? Even so, we can’t ...
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    Earthforce - Earthforce - Vinyl

    Earthforce – Earthforce – Vinyl

    “Ultra rare mid-70s UK acid folk rock recordings. Features sitar, moog, acoustic and electric guitars, assorted percussion instruments to create a Popul Vuh like soundscape. If you can imagine the perfect blend of Eastern trance/psych and English hippy acid folk rock, this would be it. Very cool and freaky.”“Earthforce were an offshoot of ...
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