Kehlvin – Holistic Dreams – CDD

Band: Kehlvin

Label: Division Records

Format: CDD


After 6 years of discographic and scenic silence, Kehlvin is back with HOLISTIC DREAMS, an album that continues to dig this unique and tortuous groove which has made the whole reputation of the band. If post-metal accents continue to protrude in the music, it is rather this hardcore metal with noise and progressive influences that continues to develop through these 7 surprising & fascinating compositions. The band oscillates between reinstated violence, pure explosion of rage and complex passages where the underneath melodies intermingle to give birth to real sonic cathedrals. This album, which is both intrinsically coherent and utterly varied, proves that the band has lost none of its verve and powerful personality. And if everything here brings us back to what has always made the Kehlvin sound, we note however a strong & asserted evolution which displays a beautiful maturity.

1. The Impossibility of Progress 05:47 
2. The Walking Clay 03:49 
3. Causation Failure 04:05 
4. Electric Monks 03:44
5. Gently Thinking 06:10
6. Dirk, my boy 04:41
7. Flash Backward 06:31

GENRE: Metal/Noise/Hxc
BARCODE: 7640186553759