Kill Her First – Empty Hands – Vinyl

Band: Kill Her First

Label: Krod Records

Format: Vinyl


Female-Fronted Metal Hardcore band based in Berlin gives you a mix between the essence of 90’s
hardcore and the melodies of the metal genre. Powerful EP, they’ve been reviewed, broadcasted and
featured on FUZE, OX, MetalObs’, Visions, MoreCore, New Noise Magazine, FRITZ Radio, Metal
Hammer, Gig Radar, Heavy Mag, LaTrash, Rock Era Magazine & many more. Featured on the Metal
Heaven (Amazon Music) playlist, Women of Metal (Tidal) and other great metal lists on streaming

1. This Ain’t a Cherry-Picking Party
2. All Wealth Is Fiction
3. Borders
4. Dead Between The Lines

GENRE: Metal Hardcore
BARCODE: 0612789622597