Laetitia In Holocaust – A Slow Apocalypse – CD

Band: Laetitia In Holocaust

Label: Fog Foundation

Format: CD


LIH was created in 2001 by Stefano G. and Nicola D.A. and nowadays plays a technical form of extreme
metal with heavy influences from black metal. During this 20 years, LIH spent the first 10 as a duo, with
very turbulent and avant-garde releases; after a long pause of 6 years, LIH returned as a band and
embraced the actual artistic direction. “Laetitia” means happiness, “holocaust” means sacrifice: so the
monicker stands for “happiness in sacrifice”.

1. Riflesso d’autunno
2. Luce Algida
3. The Pale Illusion
4. Pazuzu in Auschwitz
5. LIH
6. When the Light was Brigther
7. Gettati alla luce
8. A Slow Apocalypse
9. Note about “A Slow Apocalypse” – MMXXI

GENRE: Black Metal
BARCODE: 198000877903