Aevangelist – Dream An Evil Dream Iii – CD

Band: Aevangelist

Label: Dead Seed Productions

Format: CD


Originally started on Debemur Morti Productions, Dream an Evil Dream, as a series, is an excursion into the unearthly realm of the subconscious, with each entry trespassing newer planes of this dismal parallel universe. In this third chapter, we are brought to a mystical theater of madness and wonder in equal measure, proving with no genres to restrict this vision that Ævangelist is a sovereign entity of unlimited expression.

Voices and words from ex-Anorexia Nervosa member Stephane Gerbaud have shaped the dreamstate of the sinister narrative, which variously gives context and portent to the atmospheric disturbances woven like tempests by Matron Thorn. A touch of the Belgian masterclass in sonic coalescence was granted to this work by J. Bezier of peers Emptiness, through his continual working relationship with Matron Thorn and his unique understanding of how these concepts should manifest. This piece has been lavishly decorated with the appropriately malevolent artwork of Carlos Andrés Eckhart and preened to match it’s contents by Laurent Clement. Dream an Evil Dream III transforms perspective into the untold virtue of the afflicted and the insane alike.

1. Dream an Evil Dream III
Over 45 mins

GENRE: Thrash Metal
BARCODE: 8445162258098