Le Chiffre Organ-Ization – The Loved Ones – Vinyl

Band: Le Chiffre Organ-Ization

Label: Soundflat Records

Format: Vinyl


LE CHIFFRE is a secret ORGAN‐ization of French origin and instrumental equivalent of our favourite
French gentlemen, the fabulous GENTLEMEN’S AGREEMENTS. They are the 4 treasurers of the Groove and Music Illustration Union, controlled by the Hammond Organ Meridional Syndicat (HOMS). After their first two fabulous singles on vinyl they now present you with a fantastic 12 inch of the name “The Loved Ones”. Listening to those titles you may be able to discover the secret mission of this ORGAN‐ization distributed by their closest collaborator SOUNDFLAT RECORDS. In any case you will certainly get carried away to stylish French 60’s cinema while movin’ and groovin’ along to that fabulous sound.

Inspired by Library Music and the wild O.S.T. from the 60’s with a touch of soul jazz and early funk, you’ll get into the infectious groove of their hammond‐wah‐wah‐fuzz‐galore. This instrumental music explosion is an ideal soundtrack for groovy 60’s dance parties! So, make yourself comfortable in a chesterfield armchair, sip a Dom Perignon 1955, close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by these cinematic‐inspired instrumentals.

1. Delirium
2. Unsuitable
3. Interlude 1 (Divine Mannheim)
4. Allegretto Per Signora
5. Interlude 2 (Brother Beat)
6. Le Magneto
7. Jerk a l’interdit
1. All Saints Mountain Whistler
2. Exhibition
3. Interlude 3 (Brunch chez les Campos)
4. Beat Me Till I’m Blue
5. Purple Weekend
6. Interlude 4 (La Chica De Madrid)
7. Pluton

GENRE: Hammond/Beat/Acid/Jazz
BARCODE: 4250137288291