Love ‘N’ Joy – Bender On The Silk Road – CD

Band: Love ‘N’ Joy

Label: Robustfellow Productions

Format: CD


Taking influence from the golden age of 60s and 70s, british pop and trippy psychedelia, Love’n’Joy’s music perceive to be the journey of “tribal collective unconsciousness”. But they also put an element of hard rock – with Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin among their influences – and plenty of guitars, which lend a rougher edge. Their work reflects the spirit of a new, resurgent ukrainian rock music.
Travelling across Europe and the UK to collect donations for their donation campaign„ Musicians Defend Ukraine”.

1. Come About
2. Blitz
3. Brut
4. Raving Referee
5. Animals
6. Starry Night
7. Stolen Pearl
8. Cosmo

GENRE: Psychedelic/Indie Rock
BARCODE: 2091009190296