Lurk – Aegis (8-Panel Glow-In-The-Dark Effect) – CDD

Band: Lurk

Label: Transcending Obscurity Records

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: TOR165


Finnish band Lurk return with their unique brand of slow, dreamy, unpredictable and vile sludge/doom to confound and enthrall listeners all over again. The deceptively catchy and entrancing quality of the music has been honed and the music slithers in its inimitable way, progressing in directions not easy to ascertain. The music itself is a blend of multiple subgenres and is far too evolved now for the influences to be clearly identified.

The band upholds this singular sound throughout the album and still manages to give each of the seven songs their own identity. Without a perceptible disruption of momentum, they all succeed in shifting the mood their own way, adding variations and conveying a wide range of emotions. For an album that may seem innocuous, it will leave you emotionally vulnerable by the end of it all.

1. Ashlands 05:08
2. Blood Surge 06:48
3. Hauta 07:13
4. Infidel 05:24
5. Kehto 04:02
6. Shepherd’s Ravine 07:32
7. The Blooming 07:41

GENRE: Doom Metal
BARCODE: 0612789663941