Medieval Steel – Dark Castle – CD


Band: Medieval Steel

Label: Lost Realm Records

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: REALM069CD


For those who are fans of Traditional Metal, namely in its more epic expressions, MEDIEVAL STEEL doesn’t need big introductions. Formed in 1982 in Memphis, Tennessee, and having the 1984 self-titled EP as an absolute and timeless classic, MEDIEVAL STEEL has become over the decades a cult band with unconditional fans all over the world. Years passed and interest in Traditional Metal became widespread. Fertile ground for cult bands to return to the studio and shout out their battle cry: “We are here, the battle is not over yet!”. In 2013 MEDIEVAL STEEL recorded their comeback album called “Dark Castle”.

And what a resounding way to get back to the Metal battlefield! With a total of eleven songs of the purest American Power Metal, showing the world that the old way of making Heavy Metal was not gone… Far, far from it! Fans old and new will now have the opportunity to enjoy one of the
best Power Metal albums made in the last decade! It is with great honor that we bring you the
official restored and remastered reissue of the “Dark Castle” album, in a limited edition CD
and LP!

01. Powersurge
02. American War Machine 
03. Circle Of Fire 
04. Lost Quatrain 
05. The Man Who Saw Tomorrow 
06. The Killing Fields
07. Heaven Help Me
08. April
09. Tyrant Overlord
10. Stranger In Time
11. Thou Shall Not Kill

GENRE: Heavy Metal
BARCODE: 5601218180697
RELEASE DATE: 04/08/2023

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