Midnight Odyssey – Echoes Of A Celestial Ruin – CDD

Band: Midnight Odyssey

Label: I, Voidhanger Records

Format: CDD


Waiting for the last chapter of the ambitious “Biolume” trilogy, Australia’s MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY also bring to fruition their space ambient trilogy, started in 2020 and inspired by the sci-fi narrative of the 70s. Entirely instrumental and imbued with wonderful cosmic melodies, a MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY’s trademark also in their most famous atmospheric metal incarnation, “Echoes from a Celestial Ruin” collects the two monumental albums (“Ruins of a Celestial Fire” and “Ashes from a Terrestrial Fall”) already available through Bandcamp, and the last, unpublished chapter of the trilogy, “Echoes from the Thalassic Deep”.

This time, the enveloping charm of Dis Pater’s music meets darker narrative themes than usual, where the idea of a journey to discover vanished alien civilizations seems to cast a disturbing shadow on the toxic and violent reality of our days. “The themes are about ruined civilizations,” sole member Dis Pater explains; “there is no real narrative, the song titles and album artwork will hopefully enable your own imaginations to run wild and fill in the lines in between. As I watch the world around us today, I can’t help but feel we are on the verge of becoming one of these ruined civilizations. No real advanced life-forms, but fragments of what once was.”

CD 1 – Ruins of a Celestial Fire
1. Celestial Fires on the Path to Antares (15:23)
2. Ruins Of A Crystal Sky (15:26)
3. A Symphony in Stardust (15:24)
4. Tundras Hidden from the Sibling Sun (14:57)
CD 2 – Ashes from a Terrestrial Fall
1. Ashes from a Terrestrial Fall (11:12)
2. The Stars Through Smoke Filled Eyes (17:03)
3. Of Desolate Poison Oceans (15:40)
4. Lost Planets of the Orrery (14:56)
CD 3 – Echoes from the Thalassic Deep
1. Under The Alien Sea (14:24)
2. Moonbeams on the Sunken Graves (16:54)
3. As Death Rises from the Thalassic Deep (15:02)
4. The Tombs of Legends Past (14:25)
Total Time 180:00

GENRE: Cosmic Ambient
BARCODE: 5902693145318