Monsieur Paul Et Les Solutions – Surrealiste & Fantasmagorique – Multi-Colour Vinyl


Band: Monsieur Paul Et Les Solutions

Label: Soundflat Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: SFR140


After their fabulous EP “Dans Mon Monde” MONSIEUR PAUL ET LES SOLUTIONS now release their
first LP “Surrealiste & Fantasmagorique” on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS!

Always fuzz, always psychedelic, always “yé‐yé”, always sixties with a hint of garage punk. So, don’t
hesitate to place it on your record player and turn the volume knob to the right…

There are fantastic tunes like “Hey Leonard”, fuzz garage in French, “Microsillons” in the language of
Dutronc, a “tremolo‐reverbo‐psycho” title, their own “Elucubrations Solutioniques” and a piece in
praise of the brilliant Salvador Dali…Their traditional foray into the language of Brian Wilson is a
Christmas surf song “Surfin’ Santa” and finally two covers. “Louise” is their adaptation of Richard
Berry’s ultimate riff in a feminized French version. And a title by Antoine, “Un Elephant Me
Regarde”, passed through the Solutions mill.

MONSIEUR PAUL ET LES SOLUTIONS serve a modern version of psychedelic 60’s‐garage one just has
to fall in love with!

1. Aloha From Bisca
2. Comme Dali L’a Dit
3. Plagier Dutronc
4. Microsillons
5. Un Elephant Me Regarde
6. Waiting For True Love
1. Pourquoi Pourquoi
2. Elucubrations Solutioniques
3. Hey Leonard
4. Pfifffer
5. Louise
6. Dans Mon Monde
7. Surfin’ Santa Claus

GENRE: Garage/60s/Psychedelic
BARCODE: 4251896104839
RELEASE DATE: 01/12/2023

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