Autoramas – Autointitulado – Vinyl

Band: Autoramas

Label: Soundflat

Format: Vinyl


Brazil’s finest and wildest unconventional garagepunkers AUTORAMAS present to you their fabulous album number nine: “Autointitulado”! It is no surprise that it is called “self-titled” as it seems to be very immediate and autobiographic. Its fantastic coverartwork by Gustavo Cruzeiro shows the four musicians as comic-superheroes fighting our times of crisis, namely covid and recent chaos and crisis, which is also processed in their music and lyrics. 

The album starts off with the strong and powerful “Nóias Normais” that gets you in that typical angry and unmistakable AUTORAMAS-mood right away. One hit follows the next, if it is “Sem Tempo”, “Fauna Abisal”, “Dia Da Marmota” or even the slightly calmer ballad “Eu Tive uma Visao”; this album just grabs you. Catchy melodies and vocals by both Gabriel Thomaz and Erika Martins run all the way through the album while you get the right amount of wild and Autoramas-distorted guitars, crazy organ and comic-style elements in songs like “Boneco” and “Erupto”.

The album was released on CD and vinyl on the Brazilian label MAXILAR MUSIC for the Brazilian market only, while the SOUNDFLAT RECORDS-release of the LP (on yellow vinyl) finishes off with the exclusive bonus track “I Wanna Be Your Man” – a very fierce and wild version of the BEATLES classic and a perfect ending to an explosive record to be played over and over again.

1. Nóias Normais
2. No Dope
3. Dia Da Marmota
4. Boneco
5. Erupto
6. Sem Tempo
1. Estupefaciante
2. Fauna Abisal
3. Dinamica de Bruto
4. O Ritmo Do Algoritmo
5. Eu Tive Uma Visao
6. I Wanna Be Your Man

GENRE: Garage/Punk/Rock
BARCODE: 4250137288413