Mother Of All – Age Of The Solipsist – CD

Band: Mother Of All

Label: Black Lion Records

Format: CD


Mother of All is a one-man band fronted by multi-instrumentalist Martin Haumann. The style is deathmetal with melodic and progressive elements. The songs of Mother of All are varied, eclectic and always exploring the artform. Ultimately the inspiration is drawn from the deep cauldron that is Metal.

For many years Martin has been a sought-after drummer in the Danish metal-scene, having performed with artists like Myrkur, Afsky, Mercenary. Most recently having lent his drumming to the Afsky album “Ofte jeg drømmer mig død”. Following the highly praised EP ”Secular Assault” Mother of All is now ready to reveal its first full-length album “Age Of The Solipsist”.

On the album, vocalist and drummer Martin Haumann will be joined by the iconic bassist, Steve Di Giorgio (Death, Testament) and the rising Danish talent Frederik Jensen on guitar.
Mother Of All performs a mixture of melodic and progressive death metal and is the brainchild of drummer and vocalist Martin Haumann, an in-demand and highly-prolific musician that has previously performed across the world as the drummer for Myrkur, Afsky and many others. Most recently, Haumann played the drums on Afsky’s highly-acclaimed opus ”Ofte Jeg Drømmer Mig Død…”, hailed by many as 2020’s black metal album of the year.

1. Autumn
2. We Don’t Agree
3. Curators Of Our World Scope
4. Age Of The Solipsist
5. At The Edge Of A Dream
6. Blood Still Owed
7. Feel The Pain

GENRE: Melodic Tec Death Thrash Metal
BARCODE: 804859739612