Godhead Machinery – Monotheistic Enslavement – CD

Band: Godhead Machinery

Label: Black Lion Records

Format: CD


Swedish Godhead Machinery can finally present their new album Monotheistic Enslavement this is the bands third full length album picking up slightly were their Aligned to the Grid album left off but diving deeper and offering a more solid and darker approch! to their sound, while not skipping out on the atmosphere the album showcases once again the brilliant drum work from polish drummer Krzysztof Klingbein (vader session drummer) the albums sits comfortable at 7 brutally crafted tracks that will surely grab the listners attention! with their new album the band offers a splendid mix of blackend death metal Monotheistic Enslavement’ doesn’t stand by itself as a conceptual album but should rather be considered as a result of our evolvement.

A step further from Godhead’s light and therefore a step closer to the liberation that lies beyond the illuminated path.

The creative forces within the band have increased during these times of global pandemic.
Blessed by the curse has the sun fallen into eclipse and ones again revealed its true self.
Newly acquired revelations during this period is ‘Monotheistic Enslavement.
Orbis Non Sufficit!

1.Sovereign Of Nullity
2. Ethereal
4.Orbis Non Sufficit
5.Upon His Deceitful Star
7.Monotheistic Enslavement

GENRE: Melodic Black Death Metal
BARCODE: 703123845212