Movie Movie – Storyboards – Vinyl


Band: Movie Movie

Label: Topsy Turvy Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: TTR021


New York City’s MOVIE MOVIE was formed in early 2022, with ex‐members of the bands TWIN GUNS,
THE ELECTRIC MESS, and THE ABOVE, featuring Andrea Sicco (lead vocals, guitars), Frank Caira (vocals, 2nd guitar for live shows), Derek Davidson (bass, keyboards), and Alan J. Camlet (drums and percussion, vocals).

MOVIE MOVIE currently has a six track EP out on Ghost Highway/KOTJ records and now their first full
album is released by Topsy‐Turvy Records. “Storyboards” was produced by Derek Davidson, and recorded and mixed by Alan J. Camlet at Hoboken Recorders. All the songs were written by Davidson, except for two songs penned by Andrea Sicco. MOVIE MOVIE takes the listener on a cinematic journey on their debut LP, “Storyboards,” weaving tight narratives and filmic tales over its ten catchy songs. They cleanly combine elements of power pop (“Born to Win”), ’70s and ’80s classic and alternative rock (“Only Time Will Tell,” “The Light That Shines in Her Eyes,” “Time to Say Goodnight”), with moments of ’60s garage (“The Girl With the Wandering Eye), psychedelia (“Lone Warrior), and pop country (“The Two Loneliest People in the World”), topped with bright, BYRDS‐like harmonies and DAVID BOWIE‐like vocals, lush soundscapes of layered guitars, organ, jangly piano, and strings. “Storyboards” will have you returning to it again and again, like a good movie!

1. Born to Win
2. Only Time Will Tell
3. Working From Home
4. Lone Warrior
5. The Two Loneliest People in the World
1. The Girl With the Wandering Eye
2. Time to Say Goodnight
3. The Light That Shines in Her Eyes
4. A Real Good High
5. Better Off Friends

GENRE: Alternative Rock/Power Pop/Grunge
BARCODE: 4251896104754
RELEASE DATE: 11/08/2023

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