Nagant Neckshot – Under Downpour Of Steel – CDD

Band: Nagant Neckshot

Label: Archaic Sound

Format: CDD


All songs and lyrics written, composed and performed by the unknown, the fallen, nameless men in their cold graves.

The events described transpired on the borderline between Finland and Soviet Union during 1939-1944.

Harsh time are ahead of us, for as of today a nation is in state of war.

1. March in Their Graves
2. Bastards of NKVD
3. Uraa!
4. Under Downpour of Steel
5. Treasonist
6. Oh, Katyushka
7. Heroin or Rope
8. White Desant
9. Burnt Karelia

GENRE: Blackened Death Metal
BARCODE: 799475788673