Nekkromaniac – Plague Eater – Vinyl

Band: Nekkromaniac

Label: Gates Of Hell Records

Format: Vinyl


Relentless, raw and ravaging black/thrash from the depths of the German metal underground!
Inspired by the (un)holy trifecta of Bathory, Merciless and Sodom, Germany’s Nekkromaniac lay to waste the weak-minded and trend-addled on their first fulllength, Plague Eater.

The 1980s metal scene saw a period of unbridled creativity matched by the one trait that legitimized it to headbangers across the globe: Honesty. For the obscure underground metal bands unconcerned with commercial aspirations, it meant doing what they liked and thought was right. There was no one in their ear telling them what to do. It was also understood that most of the world would reject their music. This was funneled through raw, unfiltered production jobs light years removed from the high-gloss, polished studio recordings from bands with six-figure budgets and major labels breathing down their necks. This approach gave birth to a handful of metallic stalwarts who forever laid the foundation for underground metal. Following in the legendary footsteps of Bathory, Merciless and Sodom is Germany’s Nekkromaniac.

Gates of Hell Records will issue the band’s 2021 self-released Plague Eater full-length on vinyl this June. The reissue is just rewards for the young quartet who have been ravaging European stages since their 2013 formation. The band was created by vocalist Akheron and guitarist Ægror after the dissolution of their previous band, Peremptor. Originally named Dioxin, the pair subsequently tapped bassist Impiöus and drummer Beheader and recorded a demo before releasing the Nekkrofukk EP in 2015. It took Nekkromaniac another six years to bring Plague Eater to life, but the wait was worth it. The album is a devious blend of oldschool German thrash mixed with the barrage of early, necro black metal set to Akheron’s nihilistic lyrics that tackle his fascination with death. To wit, the vocalist also has a vast knowledge of fantasy and horror that often serve as the backdrop for his tales of cruelty and hatred.

Plague Eater’s arresting, blazing eight songs were born from the band’s dedication to the almighty riff and the power it holds. Nekkromaniac is unconcerned with convention, let alone technicality and a formula. Instead, the band’s no-compromises-allowed approach unfurls songs that are crude, raw and dark — just like the ’80s masters that had little time for limitations and rules.
This approach birthed Plague Eater: The bane of mankind. The threatening death grasps impending over our heads. The infection that lurks through the sewers.
It’s a formless creature without any physical appearance bringing woe and eternal doom. And it’s spreading like wildfire…

1. Plague Eater
2. Black Death
3. Napalm Funeral
4. Awaken the Depths
5. Pit and the Pendulum
6. Sacrifice
7. Bleed for the Master (A Tribute)
8. Tyrant’s Command

GENRE: German Black Thrash
BARCODE: 8054529000814