Nigromante – Summon The Devil – CD

Band: Nigromante

Label: Metal On Metal Records

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: MOMR22105


NIGROMANTE are one of the first if not THE first band in Spain representing what some people call NWOTHM, but despite being formed in 2003, until now their discography consisted only of 3 demos and one full-length. After a long hiatus, they’re back though, ready to deliver more of what they self-describe as Unholy Heavy Metal. Who liked their debut, will love this new output; who didn’t, should definitely check it out as they have improved immensely in every respect: from the songwriting and individual skills to the production.

Evil sounding guitar riffs, fantastic hooks and gruff, aggressive vocals (resembling Chris Boltendahl) fill the mere 36 minutes of its playing time. As they wrote themselves, “no triggers, autotune or other anti music software was used during the making of this album”, so you can rest assured your old school ears and metal heart will not be harmed during the listening process. If you like your Heavy Metal unholy and barbaric, and bands like MERCYFUL FATE, GRAVE DIGGER, old RUNNING WILD, BATTLERAGE, JUDAS PRIEST, ANVIL, ANGEL WITCH, IRONSWORD and CIRITH UNGOL, get “Summon the Devil” now!

1. Die on a Lie
2. The Oath
3. The Galactic Empire
4. Mind Demons
5. Never Compromise
6. Satan Made Heavy Metal
7. Stonehenge
8. The War of All
9. Evil Ways
10. Tritonus – Summon the Devil
Total running time: 35:43

GENRE: Metal/Heavy Metal
BARCODE: 8022167091051