Oral – Sex – CD


Band: Oral

Label: Faster And Louder

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: FAL10


The band ORAL emerged from Bristol in 1984, shrouded in a semblance of mystery and distrust. According to the original press release from 1985, the band consisted of vocalist Bev E. Lee, who at the time of the recordings was only 15 years old, drummer Dee and guitarist Monica Ramone, who would be the leader of the band, plus bass player Candy, who reportedly left the band during the recording of the E.P. but they did not even record the instruments (read more about in the CD booklet).

Oral appears in a post‐N.W.O.B.H.M. context, practicing a sound more focused on Hard Rock, with some Glam Punk influence, wrapped up in a Bad‐Girl band image.

Released on CD officially for the first time, digitally remastered, contains one bonus track and limited only to 300 copies.

1 Head
2 Love Pole
3 Gas Masks, Vicars And Priests
4 Black Leather (Sex Pistols cover)
5 Pearl Necklace
6 I Need Discipline

GENRE: Hard Rock/Glampunk
BARCODE: 0788362114268
RELEASE DATE: 08/03/2024

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