P J Proby – Presley Style – Lost Elvis Songwriter Demos 1961-1963 – CD

Band: P J Proby

Label: Bear Family

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: BCD17678


1-CD (Digipak) with 36 page booklet, 21 tracks. Total playing time approx. 45 min.

Bear Family Records® are delighted to announce the release ‘P.J. Proby – Presley Style’. This collection of 21 tracks features demonstration recordings for Elvis pitched to him by songwriters, all sung by P.J. Proby.

The Elvis management insisted that all songs presented to him, had to be recorded on acetate and submitted for his consideration via his Hill & Range publishers. Competition amongst the songwriters was intense as they created fully produced recordings hoping to catch the ear of Elvis. Many used vocalists who sounded like Elvis, in the hope of giving them the edge, and the voice of P.J. Proby totally fitted the bill.

Many of these songs were pitched for specific scenes in Elvis movies and were written accordingly after the songwriters studied the Hollywood script. On this collection, you can hear not only the successful songs chosen by Elvis, but also others which, although highly credible songs, were beaten by the finally recorded version.

P.J. said, “I had a couple of the demos in my possession and had been looking for more, as I had recorded so many. When they came with all the ones they had found and offered them back to me, I said, ‘Wonderful! Wonderful!’. I cherish them as a fond memory of songwriters Ben Weisman and Ruth Batchelor and the days we recorded the demos because we were so close. I want to share them with the world, as they are such an important piece of history”. 

The release includes a 36-page booklet featuring rare Elvis and PJ memorabilia and an indepth look at all the songs and where they fitted into the specific movies. These tracks have been ‘lost’ for around 60 years, and this historic and nostalgic release will appeal to fans of both P.J. and Elvis and fills a gap for collectors in the history of the music. Proby, P.J. – Presley Style – Lost Elvis Songwriter Demos 1961-1963 (CD) CD 1

01 Because Of Love P. J. Proby
02 Cotton Candy Land P. J. Proby
03 Take Me To The Fair P. J. Proby
04 Fun In Acapulco P. J. Proby
05 Me And Mi Amigo P. J. Proby
06 Margarita P. J. Proby
07 ‘Til Love Comes To You P. J. Proby
08 Which Way Do I Turn P. J. Proby
09 Slowly But Surely P. J. Proby
10 It’s Carnival Time P. J. Proby
11 Happy Go Lucky Me P. J. Proby
12 Carnival Of Dreams P. J. Proby
13 I’ll Keep Your Secret P. J. Proby
14 Everything I Need P. J. Proby
15 The Greatest Show P. J. Proby
16 A Fool To Wander P. J. Proby
17 Come And Get It P. J. Proby
18 Where Is Pappy? P. J. Proby
19 Snap To! P. J. Proby
20 Whatta They Know P. J. Proby
21 In My Dreams P. J. Proby

GENRE: Rock N Roll
BARCODE: 4000127176783