Phinius Gage – Seek Out Your Foes (15th Anniversary) – Vinyl

Band: Phinius Gage

Label: Aaahh!!! Real Records

Format: Vinyl


Fifteenth anniversary edition of the third (and, as yet, final) album from Brighton skate-punks/melodic hardcore act Phinius Gage.

1 Battered and Bruised
2 Mary F**king Kelly
3 Seek Out Your Foes
4 Lead Us Into Temptation
5 You Probably Think This Song is About You and You’re Right
6 Stop Looking Up
7 Behind Darkness You’ve No Light
8 Traffic Lights Party
9 The Young and the Restless
10 Provocation Song
11 Why Don’t You Ask Yourself Why
12 My Eyes Bled Colours

GENRE: Punk Rock/Hardcore/Metal
BARCODE: 0604565588579