Poppermost, The – Hits To Spare – CD

Band: Poppermost, The

Label: Think Like A Key Music

Format: CD


Short, sweet and exactly as they used to make ’em, ‘Hits To Spare’ does exactly what it says on the cover. A collection of simple, uplifting pop songs with a positive message is exactly what Glaswegian multi-instrumentalist Joe Kane, working as The Poppermost, accomplishes on this FAB debut record. The Poppermost exist to remind us of a time when the world shook to the giddy monophonic thunk of Merseybeat, to a time of Dansettes and desert boots, when R&B didn’t mean Rhianna and Beyonce and an MP3 was Harold Wilson and a couple of his Westminster mates out on the razz down Carnaby Street. 14 tracks featuring “Cry For Another,” “Can’t Take That Away,” and 12 other smashes. “Gives me priceless moments of happiness…” -KOTJ

1. Egg And Chips
2. Yes It’s True
3. One Of Those Gerrllss
4. Can’t Take That Away
5. Call To Me
6. Goodnight Georgia Peach
7. Cry For Another
8. Hits To Spare
9. In & Out
10. Get It Down
11. Laziest Fella In The Realm
12. Park And Ride
13. What A Wonderful Love
14. Well I Will

GENRE: Rock/Classic Rock
BARCODE: 724049407384