Prowlers, The – Closing Circle – CD

Band: Prowlers, The

Label: Elevate Records

Format: CD


Fifth album for this band that, born as a cover band of Iron Maiden, over time has been able to evolve by proposing, album after album, a sound that is detached from that of the origins, moving towards a melodic metal with strong power influences. This new ‘Closinc Circle’ as the name suggests completes a path of stylistic maturation and the new guitarist ‘Massimo Canfora’, an authentic virtuoso of the six strings, makes his presence felt strongly influencing the whole sound that becomes decidedly more

1. Closing Circle
2. Rush Hour
3. Absolution
4. I’ll Never Be (A Rich Man)
5. Another Night
6. Business Day
7. Liar
8. Walter White
9. Fight Till The End
10. Where Is Love
11. Take On Me

GENRE: Power Metal
BARCODE: 806891306944