Question – Reflections Of The Void – CD

Band: Question

Label: Chaos Records

Format: CD


Six years following the debut full-length recording, the Mexican quintet unleashes “Reflections of the Void”, a grand tome of sheer Death Metal might in eight tracks that take Question’s sonic traits and overall concept to a whole new level of magnitude. In perfect unison with the majestic Shoggoth Kinetics artwork that adorns the album’s cover, “Reflections of the Void” stands apart and invites the listener to a pathway beyond the horizon, a detailed journey on life and death and yonder.

1. The Process of Dehumanization
2. Beyond Illusions of Existence
3. Sunyata
4. First Fragmentation
5. Alone With Everybody
6. A Fate Worse Than Death
7. Mysteries (About Life & Death)
8. Vacuous Thoughts

GENRE: Nefarious Metal Of Death
BARCODE: 614198934865