Qwalen – Syva Hiljaisuus – Green Vinyl

Band: Qwalen

Label: Time To Kill Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: TTK074LPV


The second album ponders the sheep-like nature of humanity, the inevitability of destruction, the acceptance of being faulted and surrendering to a greater force. Syvä hiljaisuus reflects Qwälen’s vision and world more clearly than ever. Like a dirty knife. Painful and infectious.

Qwälen became what it is in 2017. The band members share a passion for playing music in its various raw manifestations and their band backgrounds include Kürøishi, Nistikko, Dumathoin and Akma among many others. Punk background bleeds into the music connecting Qwälen’s interpretation of black metal into how the genre started decades ago. Simplicity, rawness, speed and honesty. These values were present in the beginning and the same values still hold true. Punk background especially shows live as the chaotic energy of hardcore punk clashes with the ritualistic nature of black metal.

01 – Sairaus (Intro)
02 – Kutsu Minua Saatanaksi
03 – Kuolleiden Kukkien Keolla
04 – Syvä Hiljaisuus
05 – Tähdet Tippuvat
06 – Lopulta Kaikesta Joutuu Luopumaan
07 – Kaksi Hautaa
08 – Maailma Täyttyy Kuolleista

GENRE: Black Metal
BARCODE: 7427244450898