Horror Legacy, The – Days Of Terror – CDD

Band: Horror Legacy, The

Label: Time To Kill Records

Format: CDD


The album containS the main themes, The Thing, Tubular Bells, Zombie 2, Phantasm, Halloween, Inferno, Beyond The Darkness, Escape from New York. 28 Days After, Cannibal Holocaust.

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Giuseppe Ranieri, Roberto Fasciani and Titta Tani at MMI Roma Studio. ” Many guests are involved “Maestro Fabio Frizzi, one of the greatest composers for horror movies, bassist/keyboardist Dave Neabore from American band DOG EAT DOG, Japanese keyboardist Mirai Kawashima from SIGH and former NECROPHAGIA, Stian Smorholm (aka Iscariah), former bassist from Norvegian black metal band IMMORTAL, NECROPHAGIA and DEAD TO THIS WORLD, Chuck Sherwood, bassist of band INCANTATION and Dome from the band FULCI!

1. Days Of Terror (Intro)_written by TV Crimes
2. Halloween Theme ‐ Main Title_written by John Carpenter
3. Buio Omega_written by Goblin
4. Inferno / Mater Tenebrarum_written by Keith Emerson
5. Zombi 2 ‐ Sequence 8_written by Fabio Frizzi
6. 28 Days later ‐ In the house / In the heartbeat_written by John Murphy
7. The Thing ‐ Desolation / Humanity Part 2_written by Ennio Morricone
8. Cannibal Holocaust Main Theme_written by Riz Ortolani
9. Tubular Bells_written by Mike Oldfield
10. Escape from New York Main Title_written by John Carpenter
11. Phantasm Main Title_written by Fred Myrow and Malcolm Seagrave

GENRE: Cinematic Horror Prog
BARCODE: 7427244451499