Razerbills, The – Omniscient Omnipotent Omnipresent – Vinyl

Band: Razerbills, The

Label: Topsy-Turvy/Soundflat Records

Format: Vinyl


Formed in the Aire Valley area of West Yorkshire, UK, around 2017 – THE RAZERBILLS were inspired by early to mid 60’s instrumental music, fusing this with the theatrics of horror. Artists like SCREAMIN’ LORD SUTCH, JOHNNY & THE HURRICANES and other more obscure acts helped form their sound.
THE RAZERBILLS like to paint a picture with the instrumental tracks they deliver, so these will often be infused with sound effects and samples from film clips ‐ to add extra atmosphere and interest.
Their look is inspired by the Razorbill bird, a black and white auk that nests on sea cliffs. The capes representing the wings and the masks and fez alluding to the black plumage of the Razorbills head.

After their first EP “La Tombe“ (NORMAL RECORDS), SOUNDFLAT RECORDS‐division TOPSY‐TURVY RECORDS now releases their smashing debut album “Omiscient Omnipotent Omnipresent“ in coloured vinyl. Alongside fantastic RAZERBILLS‐originals it also includes cover‐versions of instrumental surf classics from the 60’s such as “Get Your Baby“ by (MARK & THE ESCORTS), “Sheba“ (JOHNNY & THE HURRICANES), “Ghost Train“ (THE SWANKS) or “Tarantula“ and “Like ‐ ? ‐ Spellbound“ (THE TARANTULAS). Be prepared for some high‐class instrumental surf sounds with just the right amount of horror to make you shake your bones all night long.

1. Get Your Baby
2. Rossito’s Revenge
3. Tarantula
4. Death Ride
5. Like ‐?‐ Spellbound
6. Space Tornado
1. The Peeper
2. Sheba
3. Razerbill Stomp
4. From The Shadows
5. Don’t Look In The Eyes
6. Ghost Train

GENRE: Instrumental/Surf
BARCODE: 4250137288369