Reflector – Echo Colonnade – Vinyl

Band: Reflector

Label: Sulatron Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: ST2301


A new band on Sulatron! A spacey debut by this young ukrainian band!
What they say about the album: 
Echo Colonnade is an album written, produced, and recorded by REFLECTOR in Bila Tserkva,Ukraine. Our journey from the very start till the release of the record lasted from 2016 to 2020 and we have faced a lot of challenges along the way. The three of us had to record using what we had in an abandoned basement and Sasha’s improvised home studio, it’s been a tough but exciting journey.
The name of the album “Echo Colonnade” actually has a story behind it. It was inspired by a real colonnade in our hometown Bila Tserkva. The interesting thing about it is that we took the sound of echo from the colonnade and used it while creating the reverberation for the record. So it’s safe to say that this iconic sight has had a noticeable impact on our sound. But the story doesn’t end there, the
beautiful, yet mysterious artwork for the record created by Andrii also captures the concept of a
colonnade in a pretty unique, and captivating way. Some of the listeners have compared it to the painting by René Magritte called “The voice of space”. In conclusion, the colonnade theme just ties
everything together and might mean something special to every listener.

Our sound has been heavily influenced by space and kraut rock scene. It’s got a cosmic atmosphere
all over it, with motorik grooves alongside fascinating repeating delay guitar sounds and synth. The
passion for this type of music is what has brought us together and inspired us to create something of
our own. We are trying our best to move forward during these difficult times during war. It’s needless
to say that being able to release our music for people to enjoy is the next big step and a huge
motivation for us. This is why we are incredibly excited to finally share our music with the world.“
LP comes on randomly coloured 180 grams recycle vinyl made in Germany, limited to 500 copies.
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GENRE: Neo-Krautrock/Spacerock
BARCODE: 9120031191353