Otrovna Kristina – Otrovna Kristina – Vinyl

Band: Otrovna Kristina

Label: Sulatron

Format: Vinyl


A straightforward rock release on Sulatron records? Sang in ultra irrelevant and impossible to understand language?
Weird times in 2016… Drop the needle and be prepared to be blown away by the blood warming wind from the Balkans. The rock is back. The stone is on the floor. Grappa is on the table.
Let’s rock!“ (what the band about itself says)
What should I add? 
OK, this is not a new Sulatron direction, just one different release!
BTW: The band is from Croatia. It is a SEVEN THAT SPELLS sideproject!
Vinyl lim. to 500 copies on red 180 gr. wax, incl. poster, signed by the band!

GENRE: 70’s Rock Style
BARCODE: 9120031190592

Vrata moci. 2:37
a svima si bila 3:48
Demon 3:22
Dosao sam da ostanem 3:27
Poljubi me u trece oko 3:58
Pita 2:57
Zmija 3:23
Igram da zaboravim 2:19
Ljubav je bol 4:02
Viking 3:54