Rokkr – Rokkr – CD

Band: Rokkr

Label: Chaos Records

Format: CD

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RÖKKR was conceived and executed in 2011 by Kyle House, who currently maintains DECREPISY and Serpents of Dawn and previously was a member of Acephalix, Vastum, and Necrot among others. Heavily influenced by Nordland-era Bathory, Tolkien, and Thin Lizzy with death-grunts to tell the tale, House here is joined by Adam Perry of Vastum on drums, and together they recorded RÖKKR’s self-tilted first album with Jeff Davis before his tragic and untimely death. Mixing and mastering was handled by Greg Wilkinson of Earhammer fame.

Massive and majestic in its sound and scope, Rökkr is a concept album and a soundtrack to a journey deep within the mountain’s eye. RÖKKR explore the darkest parts of the psyche and what lives in the shadows in the deep, all through symbolism and mythology that connects to roots beyond this lifetime and gives a sense of meaning to the chaos of the endless wheel of birth and death. Beyond thought, beyond form, endless nothing within: this is RÖKKR’s titanic debut album, and vastly more…

1. Ravens Wing 03:12
2. Oath of Blood 06:44
3. Blackest Dawn 07:09
4. Into the Ice 07:01
5. Winter 10:22

GENRE: Viking/Death Metal
BARCODE: 614198934773