Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks – Red Hot Rockin’ – Vinyl & CD

Band: Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks

Label: Bear Family

Format: Vinyl & CD


Vinyl Tribute to one of America’s greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Stars, ever! (LP & CD, 10inch, 45rpm)
1‐LP 10″ vinyl with 12‐page folder, bonus CD. 12 tracks (LP), 32 tracks (CD). Total playing time approx. 28 min. (LP), approx. 79 min. (CD)

Ronnie Hawkins may well have been the last great rock and roller to surface during the 1950s. His comparative lack of chart success certainly wasn’t his fault—he was just a victim of bad timing as squeaky‐clean teen idols replaced the first generation rockers that popularized the music a few short years before he emerged. By the time Roulette Records boss Morris Levy signed Rompin’ Ronnie in the spring of 1959, there was only time for him to post two sizable hits with his versions of Chuck Berry’s Forty Days and Young Jessie’s Mary Lou.

They’re both aboard this collection, along with ten more scorchers by the Arkansas wildman. Slashing guitar solos aplenty by Jimmy Ray Paulman and Fred Carter, Jr. are part of the fun; towheaded stick twirler Levon Helm stokes a ferocious beat on every track, including The Hawk’s remakes of Red Hot and Honey! Don’t. Levy thought he’d found the next Elvis when he discovered Ronnie Hawkins, and he just might have been right if he’d turned up a few years earlier!

The bonus CD, compiled exclusively for this release, features cover versions and originals. Music expert Bill Dahl has written the in‐depth liner notes, and Canadian collector, archivist, music historian and decades‐long radio deejay Dave Booth has thankfully provided us with a load of wonderful photos.

Tracklisting (LP)
01 Forty Days
02 Baby Jean
03 Wild Little Willy
04 My Gal Is Red Hot
05 Horace
06 Southern Love
07 Honey Don’t
08 Hey! Bo Didley
09 Oh Sugar
10 Clara
11 Mary Lou
12 Hey Boba Lou
Tracklisting (CD)
01 Forty Days ‐ Ronnie Hawkins
02 Forty Days ‐ Jerry Williams & The Violents
03 Forty Days ‐ Cliff Richard & The Shadows
04 Thirty Days ‐ Chuck Berry
05 Baby Jean ‐ Ronnie Hawkins
06 Baby Jean ‐ The Moody Stones
07 Baby Jean ‐ The Country Gentlemen
08 Wild Little Willy ‐ Ronnie Hawkins
09 Wild Little Willie ‐ The Hesitations
10 My Gal Is Red Hot ‐ Ronnie Hawkins
11 My Gal Is Red Hot ‐ The Carroll Brothers
12 Red Hot ‐ Bob Luman
13 Red Hot ‐ Billy Lee Riley
14 Red Hot ‐ Billy ‘The Kid’ Emerson
15 Horace (version 2) ‐ Ronnie Hawkins
16 Horace (version 1) ‐ Ronnie Hawkins
17 Southern Love ‐ Ronnie Hawkins
18 Southern Love ‐ Max Falcon
19 What’cha Gonna Do ‐ Vince Taylor & His Play‐Boys
20 What’cha Gonna Do (When Your Baby Leaves You) ‐ Chuck Willis
21 Honey Don’t ‐ Ronnie Hawkins
22 Honey Don’t ‐ Tyrone Schmidling
23 Honey Don’t ‐ Carl Perkins
24 Hey! Bo Diddley ‐ Ronnie Hawkins
25 Hey! Bo Didley ‐ Bo Diddley
26 Oh Sugar ‐ Ronnie Hawkins
27 Clara ‐ Ronnie Hawkins
28 Mary Lou ‐ Ronnie Hawkins
29 Mary Lou ‐ Buddy Knox
30 Mary Lou ‐ Young Jessie
31 Hey Boba Lou ‐ Ronnie Hawkins
32 Hey Boba Lou ‐ Danny & The Islanders

GENRE: Vintage Rock’n’roll
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